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To select the best slang phrases from the United States, we had to review the most common forms of expression across the nation as well as idioms from different regions.

We found the result amusing because it implies circumstances that have to do with current events and with the way young people think: especially members of generation z or centennials.

In another article, we provided the best slang words. Here are the best slang phrases from the United States.

We understand that all lists have a subjective component, so we invite you to tell us which phrases are missing so that together we can complete this article with your comments.

It is very important for you to know that, if you are learning English, this slang will help you understand how young people are really speaking in the streets of the United States.

Best Slang Phrases from the United States

  1. Cancel Culture – Translates as cancellation culture. It is the current custom to withdraw support from someone who did (or is believed to have done) something politically incorrect or questionable. An example is what happened with Johnny Deep when he was accused of domestic violence and nobody gave him a job. The cancellation culture occupies our first place because it is the subject of extensive debate in the United States.
  2. Fauci Ouchie – That’s what young Americans call the Covid-19 vaccine.
  3. Netflix and chill – Used to refer to when two people get together to watch Netflix and have sex.
  4. Spill the tea – Literally translates as spill the tea. But it is an imperative that means you tell the gossip or secret.
  5. Spill the beans – Used exactly as above.
  6. Straight the fire – Something or someone who is fashionable.
  7. No cab – Used to ask someone not to lie or to speak without lying.
  8. On point – Used to say that a comment was accurate and correct.
  9. Amped up – Someone who is full of enthusiasm.
  10. To screw over – To take advantage of someone.
  11. To nail – To do something in an outstanding way.
  12. A as – Used the same as in Spanish: un as. Someone who is very good at something.
  13. Bye, Felicia – Used to end a conversation. A farewell with which you say: that was it.
  14. Off the chain – Something or someone really good.
  15. Off the hook – Guilt-free.
  16. Tune out – To stop paying attention to someone.
  17. In the zone – Doing something better than one expects to be able to do it.
  18. Open up Pandora’s box – Unleash a series of problems.
  19. Glow up – To shine.
  20. I’m baby – I am innocent.
  21. All-nighter – Staying up all night studying while chatting with friends.
  22. All-ears – Used when someone gives full attention to another person.
  23. You’re telling me! – I know.
  24. What’s up? – ¿Qué hay de nuevo?
  25. Take a rain check – Do something afterwards.
  26. Are you kidding me? – Are you kidding me?
  27. Wrap up – To finish doing something.
  28. Hit the spot – Something really satisfying.
  29. Go dutch – Expression used to indicate that everyone will pay their own bill.
  30. Hit the road – To leave something, to go away.
  31. My bad – My fault.
  32. Take for granted – To assume something.
  33. Pass the buck – To blame someone else.
  34. Loose cannon – Someone uncontrollable and dangerous.
  35. Fresh meat – Innocent person who will be the new target of someone who seeks to humiliate others.
  36. Kiss ass – To win someone’s approval by flattering and being subservient to them.
  37. Suck up – Performs exactly the same function as kiss ass.
  38. The bomb – Used to say that something is excellent.
  39. Ride shotgun – Is to tell someone to get into the front seat of a car.
  40. Ripp (someone) off – To overload someone.
  41. Hit the books – Having to study very hard.
  42. Get fired – To be fired from a job.
  43. Have a blast – To be having a great time.
  44. Hang out – Hang out with friends.
  45. Party animal – Someone who is always partying.
  46. Couch potato – Someone who is always lazy.
  47. I’m beat – I’m tired.
  48. Get hitched – Contracting Marriage.
  49. Have a crush – I have an attraction to someone.
  50. Show up – To make an appearance to do something better than others.

These 50 phrases are just a gateway to the world of American slang. Then there are those that are used in each region and those that you will learn along the way.

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