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So many lines have been written about learning English that it is easy to confuse even the most enthusiastic of learners. But in this text we will try to share some tricks that do work so that the language absorption process really works.

The first thing to say is that it is necessary to take English classes to advance in this language. In order for people to acquire the vocabulary and the correct ways of using it, they must be guided grammatically and, from that, go on executing the oral.

Having understood and assumed this, let’s go over the tricks that, at Lingua Language Center , we believe really work while taking a course .

The discipline to learn English

If someone is not serious about learning, it is very difficult for them to speak English correctly. You have to respect the class schedules, practice, complete the exercises and not forget the language at the end of the two-hour academic session.

Discipline also depends on perseverance. You have to get into the language and not give up or get disappointed at any time, because fluency will come in due time.

small goals

If you set small weekly goals, such as a certain number of new words or expressions, over time you will see solid results.

Many times, students set goals that are too ambitious and end up feeling demotivated by not being able to achieve them.

Seize the day

If you had used every minute of your free time to reinforce your English , you would already have mastered it in an amazing way.

As you know perfectly well, we recommend that you do it from now on: watch series in English (with subtitles also in English) and try to understand, through the options on your phone in English, join conversations on chat platforms like Omegle … Any option is valid as long as you notice that you are learning.

speak english

Not everyone has the opportunity to surround themselves with people who speak English , but the Internet offers inexhaustible alternatives, and you can also simply insert small phrases in that language in the middle of your conversations in Spanish. Never be ashamed.

If you are not yet taking an English course , write to Lingua Language Center today and ask about online or face-to-face classes in several of the main cities in Florida. We will wait for you!