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Everything has a cost. Nothing is free in life because, in the end, someone always has to pay the bill. But it is definitely possible to learn English on a budget.

At Lingua Language Center we want to help you know that you don’t need to spend your life savings to learn English. So, in this article, we’ll give you practical tips that do work and share with you the best tricks from students who have succeeded.

Given the enormous amount of options for language courses that exist today, people are usually looking for the one that best suits their economic possibilities, and above all, the one that has the best price-quality ratio.

So our recommendation, as a language school with more than 20 years of experience, is to focus on academics first and then compare prices.

In any case, we will tell you some recommendations you should follow to study the language, learn it and not go bankrupt.

How to learn English on a budget abroad

If your idea is to travel to another country, preferably one where English is spoken as an official language, to learn the language, your best option is to follow the following recommendations, which are the result of the experiences of many students over time.

Plan simply

Instead of looking for accommodation and solutions to various logistical issues, get a school that provides you with all that, like Lingua Language Center, which at the most competitive prices on the market offers all the solutions with all-inclusive packages that involve complete immersion in English.

Having an institution to take care of everything is generally much more economical than looking for alternatives where you do not know.

Of course, you can coincide the start of your classes with the time of the year when there is less demand for flights, and you will have saved a good part of the budget you have in mind. But try to get everything else through the same academy where you’ll be studying and you’ll see how economical the simple things can be.

Another key factor is to be truly aware of your level of English and your needs. If you take the classes you really need, you will spend less.

For this reason, at Lingua Language Center we have very specific courses: from preparation for high-level English exams to classes for different types of professionals such as doctors, businessmen, writers, etc…

How to learn English on a budget on your own

It should be clear that if you try to learn a language on your own, you will be missing out on the academic skills necessary to qualify for jobs and study opportunities.

But what you do on your own can serve to boost your knowledge on a permanent basis, and you will end up spending less money on English classes because you will reach your goal sooner than expected.

And what are the ways to boost English on your own? Basically the following…

Watch movies in English with English subtitles

If every time you open Netflix, you watch movies in English subtitled in the same language, you will reach your goals in the language faster, because you become familiar with it and you will be able to relate the spoken language to the written language.

Surround yourself with people who also want to learn

If you travel, for example to the United States, avoid surrounding yourself only with your fellow countrymen. Rather, make friends from other cultures who also want to learn English so that you can practice together on a daily basis.

Network with natives

This is part of the previous point. Talk without fear of ridicule with native English speakers and try to interact with them in a friendly way. This way you will be living a true immersion in the language.

Listen to music

In your free time, listen to English music and try to understand the lyrics. Start with ballads that allow a good understanding of the pronunciation and then progress to faster rhythms.

How to learn English on a budget with Lingua Language Center

Among the many options we offer in our language school to learn English, we recommend you save money with our immersion course.

With this program, you can come to the United States to spend some quality time while we take care of all the logistics, representing a huge money saving for you.

Please write to us today. We are waiting for you to give you all the information you need.