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There are many types of English courses in the United States. There are specific, general, for beginners and advanced. But they all have the same purpose.

Although they all seek to provide students with the ability to communicate in English, the differences are in the nuances.

In this article we will review the types of English courses in the United States that you can take at our institution: Lingua Language Center.

Types of English courses offered by Lingua Language Center in the USA

Lingua Language Center has decades of experience teaching languages in Florida. Its professors have graduated more than 10,000 students and the work continues on a daily basis.

Below are the types of English courses we offer at our various locations in South Florida.

Intensive English Program

Lingua Language Center ‘s Intensive English Program is a general English language course.

It consists of 18 hours of full immersion per week, and is ideal for foreign students looking to spend time in the United States dedicated entirely to language acquisition.

Intensive English program + professional courses

This is a perfect course for professionals looking to develop good communication skills in their area of work.

It focuses on students becoming skilled speakers and true leaders by breaking down language barriers.

Semi-intensive English program

Those who are already in the United States and have other activities, or those who want to come and want to take advantage of the time doing more things, have the option of our semi-intensive English course.

It’s 16 hours a week, which leaves time for other types of plans.

Part-time English program

What if the student is really busy with his or her work or academic training? In that case, nothing will be better than taking a part-time English course.

There are 12 hours of classes that can be taken in Flort Lauderdale, Weston, Orlando and Doral.

All-inclusive English package

Then there is the other extreme: those who want to come to the United States solely and exclusively to study English while living guided experiences that allow them to practice it continuously.

For those cases, there is an all-inclusive English package. And by all-inclusive we mean English classes, short trips, food, transportation, where to stay and even insurance.

This is a course designed primarily for groups of students with similar characteristics, such as classmates from the same school or young people who belong to the same cultural or religious association.

Types of English courses in the United States: electives and specialized courses

Now let’s review the more specific courses, those whose admission is subject to the preferences and life plans of the students: profession, tastes, aspirations…

English conversation and accent reduction

Our course of English conversation and accent reduction is a great opportunity for those who already know the language and want to express themselves like real native speakers.

In these classes we practice intonation, rhythm, local expressions and all aspects of fluency.

We offer this course in Orlando, Doral and also online, so you can take it no matter where you are in the world.

TOEFL Preparation

If you are about to take the TOEFL test and need to be given the specific tools to pass it, this is the online course you should take.

For 8 weeks, you will be able to polish your English skills and acquire all the necessary skills to pass one of the most demanding English exams.

Types of English Courses in the United States for Professionals

Lingua Language Center also offers English courses specially designed for professionals in different areas to exploit their full potential. Let’s see what they are.

English for Law

Lingua Language Center ‘s English for Law course offers the knowledge necessary to study and practice law.

It explains the jargon, the legal terminology, the ways of referring to the authorities and in every situation…

English for Business

With the Business English program that we offer online, we can prepare managers, executives and professionals of the Business Administration career to manage in the fields of international trade and business with fluency and knowing the forms and expressions.

English for Physicians

We also have an English course for doctors, in which health professionals (both doctors and nurses) can acquire the communication skills to work in the English-speaking world.

The types of English courses in the United States that we offer at Lingua Language Center go far beyond this list. We always seek to meet the needs of our students by adapting to what they really need to learn, and we always succeed!