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Academic institutions in the United States are among the most highly rated in the world. That is why so many students choose to enroll in them, and why university preparatory courses to improve English language skills are so necessary.

If you want to study at a university in the United States, you need to have at least a B2 level of English to communicate independently and understand most of the information you hear or read.

But that is only a general requirement, as it is quite common for universities and even technological institutes to ask students for a certificate showing that they have passed the TOEFL testAlthough not all alma maters require it, having passed it gives students real advantages in understanding everything they will learn about their future profession.

University College Courses: Pass the TOEFL

At Lingua Language Center, we have decades of experience preparing students who are about to enter universities in the United States to pass the TOEFL exam and understand everything they will be taught in their respective university careers.

In these preparation courses, we analyze and cover all possible variables: from time management and stress control to everything that has to do with academics.

Thanks to the work of well-qualified professors and the execution of a clear methodology, we have achieved extraordinary results over time, and we will continue to do so because our commitment has always been and will continue to be to academic excellence.

Specialized College preparatory courses

Another important aspect is that among the university preparatory courses that we offer at Lingua Language Center, we highlight specialized programs in different areas of knowledge.

For example, students who are about to enter law school can take our English program dedicated to covering all aspects of law: they can learn the jargon used by lawyers and in the courtroom even before they start their law degree.

The same applies to other areas, such as health. If a student intends to study Medicine, Nursing or any career related to health and sciences, we have a course for him.

We also have a business English program, and even several programs specially designed for professionals or future professionals in journalism and literature.

Lingua Language Center ‘s college preparatory courses are renowned for the amount of valuable information they add to a student’s education.

No matter what career you want to study in the United States, at Lingua Language Center, you will acquire the level of English you need to be able to study it without any language limitation.

¡Write to us today! We are going to give you all the information you need to sign up for our language school and start enjoying the programs we have prepared, either from any of our locations in Florida, or from anywhere in the world thanks to our online language learning platform.