Over the last months here at Lingua Language School, we have learned a lot.

Carolyn taught us how to reduce our accent or at least how to pronounce “ed” properly… She taught us much more than that… She taught us how to select the best wine or where the most beautiful beach nearby is… Or maybe she taught us how to challenge ourselves to speak in english in front of everybody (even when they are asking things that you don’t have any idea how to answer)… All this knowledge was helpful and fun to learn.

Our dear Bogita taught us TOEFL (or Toifel as Dima prefered to say), but she also taught us how to manage each second when we need to be assertive and right to the point. She taught by example how we can learn different things with each person around us… In my opinion, the words “diversity” and “generosity” describe her as an amazing person and teacher.

And we also had many other teachers that contributed to our development… Carmen was a great teacher with a spectacular energy and love for her job…

We couldn’t forget all those substitute teachers that we had an opportunity to get to know during this time, because those experieces taught us how to evaluate the best teachers and how each person reacts differently to each situation… I’m sure we won’t forget them as they won’t forget us (the spoiled group)… We have many memories from these experiences with Luz, David, Brent, Christine and many others…

And all of this knowledge will no doubt be valuable as we go forward in life. But I think that the most important thing that we have learned over these months is “How to respect each others differences and built good friendships”.

Let me give you just a couple of examples of what I’m talking about. We learned with Kiyo how different is Japanese culture if we compare with many others… Dima taugh us how challenge is keeping studying at the same time that you have to manage your own business and raise your kids (specially twins)… Kharella could share her hope about her country and demonstrate that it is important to keep moving forward, no matter what happens in our way.

So now we’re concluding one more phase in our project which consist in convert United States in our home and English our second language. Now we are saying “See you later” with our hearts hoping for more JC’s breaks and field trips… Because, everybody knows that we love to chat… We’ll do our best to stay in touch. But we’ll be living our lives and doing our best.

Thank you all.

Silvia Yoshida
International Student, Brazil