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What are the benefits of immigrants learning English? The United States is the perfect example to answer this question, given the large number of people from Central and South America who arrive each year with the intention of staying and trying to fulfill the dream of economic growth. This study on Migration Trends in the Americas can give a good idea of the current state of migration flows in our continent.

Many Hispanics may believe that, living in environments where almost everyone speaks Spanish, they can get ahead without speaking English. But they don’t know that by doing so they are only limiting their chances of achieving true success.

Cultural confinement can lead people to believe that they do not need to expand or leave their comfort zone. But there are so many opportunities that an immigrant acquires when he or she speaks English, that the step will always be worth it.

Benefits of immigrants learning English

In this text, we will name 10 benefits of immigrants learning English and adapting in earnest to the United States.

More communication

Learning English will allow you to interact with more people, both personally and professionally. You will be able to make friends, get to know other cultures, express your ideas and feelings, and solve everyday problems more easily.

Best work

Learning English will open doors to more and better jobs, as it is a prerequisite for many companies and organizations. According to a study by the Migration Policy Institute, immigrants who speak English earn up to 17% more than non-English speakers.

More confidence

Acquiring English will make you feel more confident in yourself and your abilities. You will be able to face challenges and difficulties with more optimism and determination. In addition, you will be able to defend your rights and actively participate in society.

Better education

Those who know English can access more and better educational options. You will be able to study in schools, colleges, universities and other quality training centers, where you will be able to acquire new knowledge and skills.

More fun

English will allow you to enjoy a wider variety of cultural and entertainment activities. You will be able to read books, magazines, newspapers and other materials in English, watch movies, series, documentaries and television programs in their original language, listen to music, podcasts and radio in English, and visit museums, galleries, theaters and other places of interest.

Increased access to technology

Learning English will allow you to take full advantage of technology, since it is the predominant language on the Internet and in many electronic devices. You will be able to surf the web, search for information, communicate through social networks, email and other digital platforms, use applications, games and software in English, and keep up to date with the latest technological innovations.

Better social integration

Knowing English will allow you to better integrate into American society, respecting its norms, values and customs. You will be able to interact with your neighbors, co-workers, authorities and other members of the community, and contribute to the development of the country with your work, your vote and your civic participation.

More possibilities of legalization

Learning English will allow you to prepare for U.S. citizenship, if you so desire. To do so, you will need to demonstrate a basic level of oral and written English, as well as knowledge of the history, geography, government and symbols of the United States.

Increased awareness of the mother tongue

Knowing another language, against all odds, helps you maintain your native language. Learning English does not mean forgetting your native language or your culture of origin. On the contrary, learning a second language will help you maintain and improve your first language, as you will be able to compare the differences and similarities between the two language systems and expand your vocabulary and expression.

Better mental health

Learning English has cognitive and emotional benefits for your brain and mental health. Scientific studies have shown that learning a second language improves memory, attention, creativity, logical reasoning and problem solving. It also prevents cognitive decline associated with aging and reduces stress and depression.

Where can immigrants learn English?

Now that you know the benefits of immigrants learning English, those who are in the state of Florida can go to any of the locations of Lingua Language Center and sign up for the in-person classes we offer every day.

But if you are in another state and you are still in your country, and you want to learn the language, write to us anyway: we have an online platform so effective that it offers results just as good as our in-person classes. Today is a great day to take the first step and change your life.