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Lingua Language Center currently offers one of the best intensive English courses for Brazilians from the United States. This is thanks to more than two decades of experience in teaching this language and to the advice that the school offers on migration matters for short periods.

Students who enroll in Lingua School courses will be able to spend several weeks in Florida learning English and enjoying the unforgettable experience of being in the United States.

In the case of Brazilian students, our institution has extensive experience teaching English to Portuguese speakers and helping them comply with all legal requirements to spend those days in the country.

Ideal intensive English courses for Brazilians

Intensive English immersion courses are, without a doubt, the ones that best suit Portuguese-speaking students.

Lingua offers the Intensive English Program (IEP), and it is taught by professional teachers who use neurolinguistic techniques so that the language is absorbed through all the senses.

This is possible because Lingua Language Center has its own proprietary method for teaching English: EnterTraining℠ , which has successfully combined entertainment with practical classes for years.

Why an intensive English course?

The main advantage of an intensive English course is that students learn the language faster. Then come others that end up reinforcing communication, such as the opportunity to meet new friends and get involved with American culture.

After this immersion, students will notice great changes in their way of understanding English, as they will have been learning to think in that language.

Come to know our headquarters

Lingua’s Intensive English classes are currently offered from its locations in the cities of Fort Lauderdale, Doral, and Orlando.

Lingua is located in several of the main cities of the state of Florida waiting for students from all over Brazil who want to live an experience that will change their lives. Write us today!