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If you need to know what an immigrant can study in the USA, you probably do not have total clarity about the career you want to choose. In this article we’ll give you all the facts you’re looking for, so read on….

First of all, it is important for you to know that you can access the U.S . public education system even if you are an illegal immigrant, and study at any high school or college that selects you after you apply.

However, private universities generally have among their policies not to accept students who do not have all their papers in order.

Another key piece of information is that students must have a B2 level of English, which certifies them as being able to communicate fluently with native speakers.

On the other hand, you should know that you should look for ways to finance your college education if you remain in the U.S. illegally, as undocumented students are almost never eligible for financial aid from the federal government.

But immigrants with their documents up to date, have the right to opt for any career in the university of their choice (public or private) as long as they pass the internal filters of the institution.

But what can an immigrant study in the USA?

Although, a priori, the possibilities are all the careers available in the United States, there are a number of disciplines that suit immigrants because they guarantee access to a full-time job and full integration into the American way of life.

Below, we will review some of those careers…


Studying nursing in the United States can open many doors for you, as you will be able to get a job in medical offices, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages, companies that include medical services for their employees, home care companies, and even as a freelancer attending your own clients.

In addition, Nursing is a career in which you will be able to continually train in the search for new jobs. Currently, the demand for nurses in the United States is enormous, and according to various market analyses, it will continue to increase in the coming years.


When we talk about engineering, we talk about any of the branches of this career. Mechanical, electrical, chemical, aerospace, civil engineering…

Today, engineers are still key to the development of the world, and they will continue to transform reality in the years to come.


The United States is a very rigorous country in terms of paying taxes and complying with its obligations to the State. But not everyone is able to understand how the accounting of a company or personal assets works. This is where those who studied accounting come in.

Perhaps the greatest proof that accountants will always have a job in the United States is that the United States is home to the world’s largest concentration of companies, and millions more are created every year.


In the age of coaches, psychologists have emerged as a valuable return to professional therapies. Given the high competition in every career and the stress that this can generate, studying psychology can be an absolutely profitable idea.

It is well known that Americans are quite aware of the importance of their mental health, so this career has always been – and will continue to be – in very high demand.


Marketing became massified with the advent of the digital era. That is why many people practice it without even having had any academic preparation. This means that those who study this career can make real differences with their work, as they not only focus on social networks and digital strategies, but also know how to apply high-level offline systems to impact the public and promote sales.


To study business in a capitalist country is to have a guaranteed job. Those who understand the markets and know how to make the most of their knowledge not only have many job options, but companies are fighting for them.


As in any country in the world, studying medicine implies an enormous sacrifice in the United States as well. But when the objectives are achieved, and especially when a high-demand specialty is achieved, the professional realizes that life has really changed.

Why study English first and foremost

You must study and prepare yourself in English because any degree program you choose to study in the United States will be taught entirely in English.

But it’s not a daunting task if you don’t speak it well right now. In a short time, you will be able to improve your language skills if you take quality classes.

So we offer you the programs we offer at Lingua Language Center, which are backed by an effective method and by the work of professional linguists who are attentive to every aspect in which they can help you.

Our language school has been graduating students from all over the world for 25 years, both migrants and foreigners who come to spend an academic season in Florida.

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