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Those who have obtained an F1 visa to study at an academic institution within the United States generally travel to their home countries when their obligations permit. In order to do so, they must comply with the so-called 5-month rule for the U.S F1 visa.

This rule, as the name implies, means that F1 visa holders who are studying in the United States may leave the country for a period of no more than five months before returning and resuming their studies.

Many times, these trips are related to vacations from the institutions where they study, but also to voluntary breaks that people often take.

Of course, it is not enough to leave the country and return before the five months are up: it is necessary to comply with a procedure to alert the government authorities about the case. However, it is not a difficult protocol, and we will explain it here.

The 5-month rule for the F1 visa How to travel outside the US. having an F1 Visa?

Before traveling to another country, a person studying in the United States on an F1 Visa must notify the institution where he or she is attending, or the Designated School Official (DSO) of the university.

The designated officer will verify the Form I-20, and the student must sign it. This signature will be valid for the whole year even if the person travels more than once.

The I-20 form will have an expiration date, so if that time expires, the student will not be able to re-enter the United States.

From the moment you make the trip, you may be outside the United States for a period not to exceed 5 months.

In case you spend more than 5 months outside the U.S. territory, you will have to obtain an I-20 form again.

Does this apply to all types of schools and universities?

The designated official of the institution you are attending will let you know if it is possible for you to travel outside the U.S., as in many cases, the educational program time is short and education can be interrupted by a sudden withdrawal.

For example, if you take an English course, you will generally have to spend several continuous weeks in the U.S., and not in all cases you will renew your enrollment.

Why is it better to count on Lingua Language Center?

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