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To find out which is the best English course for Latin Americans who want to make real progress in English, it is necessary to look at the characteristics of the current course offerings on the market.

However, according to our experience at Lingua Language Center, there are fundamental variables that must be taken into account when choosing an English course: the communicative methodology, the focus on integrated skills, cultural contextualization and the capabilities of the teachers.

Characteristics of the best English language course for Latin Americans to take

Each of the following variables is justified in fairly conclusive scientific studies on the teaching of English.

Communicative methodology

The course should be based on a communicative methodology that encourages verbal interaction and constant practice of the language.

According to Larsen-Freeman and Anderson‘s (2011) study, this approach allows students to develop their communication skills more effectively.

Focus on integrated skills

The English course should balance the development of the four main language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Research such as Nation and Macalister (2010) demonstrates that a focus on integrated skills promotes more balanced and efficient learning.

Cultural contextualization

The English course should incorporate cultural aspects of the English-speaking world. According to Kramsch’s (1993) study, exposure to the target language culture facilitates understanding and appropriate use of the target language.

Teacher skills

It is essential that teachers have the necessary training and experience to teach English as a second language.

According to a well-known 1998 study by Freeman and Johnson, the quality of teaching directly influences learning success.

The best English course offered by Lingua Language Center for Latin America

Lingua Language Center offers a variety of English courses to suit different levels and needs. His classes are based on a communicative methodology, which is a plus.

In addition, they promote the development of the four main language skills, and offer a wide range of learning resources, such as interactive teaching materials and practical activities.

In terms of cultural contextualization, Lingua Language Center stresses the importance of learning about the English-speaking culture through related activities and projects. This demonstrates their commitment to providing a comprehensive learning experience.

On the other hand, Lingua Language Center has a team of highly trained and experienced English teaching professionals. They are native English speakers with cultural knowledge in the original language of the students; this allows them to create understandable bridges for the students to start thinking in English.

The best English course you can take is at Lingua Language Center.

If you want to take an English course that will transform the way you see English in a short period of time, and allow you to start using it effectively in all four language skills, write to us!

We are ready to listen to you, know your level of English and recommend the ideal course for you.

We offer on-site classes from our Florida headquarters, and online courses so that students from all over the world can access our method without having to travel to the United States.

If you are thinking that the process of obtaining a visa and coming to study in person with us is difficult, you are wrong! If you really want to do it, write to us. We have two decades of bringing in students and we are experts at figuring it all out.

Our programs include part-time English classes and fully immersive courses to accelerate all learning processes. Anyway, just write to us. We take care of it.