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To take advanced English classes you must have studied the language previously or have mastered it in such a way that you only need to strengthen one area or simply specialize.

At that point, many people who have learned English as a second language realize that they need to go one step further to master the language completely, or they simply need to certify what they know with an exam such as the TOEFL, the approval of which always requires preparation.

So it’s easy to know when we need advanced English classes. The hard part is knowing what those classes should look like.

To know what kind of advanced English classes we should take, we must pay attention to our priorities: whether they are to pass the TOEFL, master the jargon of our profession, or write at a professional level…

Once the priority is identified, the next thing to do is to learn about the different options available, and that will tell us what the advanced English classes we need should look like.

To answer with examples, we will show below the programs we offer at Lingua Language Center.

Advanced English classes offered by Lingua Language Center

The following courses are elective, once our students pass through the basic levels of the language or if they arrive at our school with a proven upper intermediate level.

Conversations in English

The full name of this course is English Conversations and Accent Reduction. It is basically focused on bringing students closer to native communication while they dispel their last doubts about pronunciation and discover new vocabulary.

At Lingua Language Center, this program is offered on-site in Fort Lauderdale, Weston, and Orlando, and through our online platform from anywhere in the world.

TOEFL Preparation

This course is one of the most requested because it enables students to pass the exam par excellence that accredits them as full English speakers.

The TOEFL preparation course not only offers training for possible test questions. It also teaches people to use the time they have available to overcome stress and develop analytical thinking.

American Language and Culture

Advanced English classes are essential for those taking the American Language and Culture course in order to broaden their critical thinking skills. Through engaging lecture topics and group discussions, students will have the opportunity to think more critically about some of the most pressing matters of today’s society.

With the help of highly-trained instructors, these classes provide a platform for students to openly express their views and opinions. The advanced English classes offer an array of interesting subject matters which will give students the chance to get creative and explore the world around them in new ways.

This type of learning experience can help individuals gain a better understanding of their own identity and place in society, while also providing a space to share ideas that may challenge current ideologies. Ultimately, the advanced English classes are invaluable in helping those taking the American Language and Culture course to become independent and creative thinkers.

This is a perfect course for people who are about to start a career in the social sciences and need a final review of English before entering university.

Advanced Grammar / Literature and Composition

These are two different courses, but both are related to English writing. Advanced Grammar is useful for all types of writing professionals, and Literature and Composition is ideal for journalists, professional editors, writers, or content creators.

Specialized advanced English classes

Among the advanced English classes we offer at Lingua Language Center, we also offer specialized classes designed for professionals in specific areas of human knowledge.

For example, we have classes for health professionals, entrepreneurs, and people working in international trade, or for lawyers.

Each of these areas has its own jargon and it is always important for professionals to be able to use it masterfully in order to compete and offer their services in all global contexts.

Now that you know what we have for you, you know what your advanced English classes should be like: completely adapted to what you need.