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Those who are looking for English courses for beginners should know that they need to meet some basic criteria to fulfill their objectives.

First of all, English courses for beginners should have a practical approach. Students need to learn to speak and write the new language from the beginning.

This means that English classes should not only be based on theory but should also include interactive activities such as role-plays, group discussions, and oral exercises.

In addition, interaction with other students helps to improve understanding of the new language and provides additional motivation to move quickly towards optimal results.

What should teachers of English courses for beginners be like?

It is important to have qualified teachers to teach language courses for beginners in a proper way.

Teachers must be native or fully bilingual in the new language, as well as have extensive previous experience as educators in subjects related to the course chosen by the students.

Teachers should be prepared to answer questions and guide students on their learning progress. Every mispronounced word and every spelling or grammatical error must be attended to in time since the beginning of learning is also its basis.

What should the methodology of English courses for beginners be like?

Finally, the methodologies used by an educational center are fundamental when it comes to efficiently boost the training of students who are new to a language.

As we said at the beginning, there must be a balance between the practical and the theoretical.

In our case as a language school, we chose to apply our own method: EnterTraining, which combines the best of practical classes with fun so that students enjoy learning.

But at Lingua Language Center we don’t neglect the theory, but instead of studying it with constant repetition, we teach it in practice all at once and we refine it as we go along.

If you are looking for English courses for beginners, contact us. We offer classes in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian through professional linguists, who are our teachers.