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According to the Power Language Index, English is currently the most powerful language in the world. So it’s no wonder you’re wondering where you can study English as a second language in the United States.

Today, more than one billion people speak English, of which only 400 million are native English speakers, meaning that the other 600 million have it as a second or foreign language.

But what is the difference between a second language and a foreign language? Academically, they differ because the second language is acquired in a social context where other people speak it, while a foreign language is generally learned through an institution or a teacher because, in theory, you have no one to speak it with when you leave the classroom.

In other words, a Venezuelan who studies English in Venezuela studies it as a foreign language. Whereas a Latino from any country in the United States can acquire the language as a second language.

Only Mandarin and Spanish have more speakers than English. However, the power of English is greater than that of these other languages because it allows people to use it as a bridge between different languages and cultures.

But where can you study English as a second language in the United States?

The answer is at Lingua Language Center, where we teach English as a second language to students from multiple cultures, and we also teach other languages to native English speakers.

Our school has physical locations in cities such as Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Doral, and Orlando, and is characterized by its own method of teaching English.

We offer courses ranging from full immersion to part-time classes that migrants can supplement with what they will actively learn in their day-to-day life in the United States.

Don’t miss the opportunity to multiply your professional and academic options with a second language, contact us now! We’ll be happy to help you get started as soon as possible.