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The diversity of offerings can make finding a simultaneous interpreter in Florida a more complex task than it should be.

There are many professionals offering their services on a freelance basis, the problem is that they do not always have the experience and expertise to deal with the various requests from clients.

Given this reality, the best option is offered by Lingua Language Center, an institution dedicated to everything related to languages that offers the services of expert linguists not only in different languages, but also in different business activities.

A simultaneous interpreter must not only have a perfect command of the two languages he or she is working in, but must also be clear about the jargon, definitions and customs of the field being discussed.

For example, when we talk about medical or scientific matters, an interpreter is needed who can analyze each word or expression live and adapt it to what the specialists really meant.

The same is true whether the topic to be discussed has to do with business, economics, tourism, or much more specific topics such as literature. An expert interpreter must always be available to fulfill his or her role as a bridge between languages and cultures.

Interpreters ready for conferences

Lingua Language Center’s interpreters also have all the necessary technical equipment to perform their services at conferences.

At Lingua, we provide our clients with booths, microphones, headphones for the speakers, headphones for the audience and receivers.

More than just a simultaneous interpreter in Florida, at Lingua we face conferences with two linguists who complement each other by taking turns of between 30 and 20 minutes. In this way we are able to offer a first class final service that guarantees the satisfaction of the parties.

Interpreters of all types

Of course, Lingua has a staff of professional interpreters who can cover other modalities.

For example, if the meeting is simply a phone call, we offer one of the best global telephone interpreting services, and in that mode we cover 150 languages thanks to our international network of experts.

We also offer the technology and interpreters necessary for videoconferencing; and we are proficient in consecutive and whispering interpreting.

Our work in the state of Florida dates back to 1998, when we started working with translations and language courses. Today we are in five of the most important cities in the region and we are leaders in what we do.

So if you are looking for a simultaneous interpreter in Florida, don’t worry: simply contact Lingua and explain the characteristics of your request so that we can advise you on what you really need and send you the right professionals.