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Those who need certified translations in Doral almost always turn directly to the services of Lingua Language Center, an institution that has brought together the best translators and linguists in South Florida for almost 25 years.

Certified translations are endorsed by official bodies that guarantee that the same thing the original document says has been reproduced, but in a new language.

In Lingua’s case, the work is certified by the U.S. government itself, which generates high confidence among clients of all natures.

The beauty of Lingua’s certified translations is that they use the right linguists for each type of job. Thus, it is a legal expert who translates legal documents, a literary expert who translates books, or one with experience in science and health who translates medical or scientific texts.

Certified translations are also called sworn translations, and are the only translations that are officially recognized at the international level and therefore have legal validity.

This certified translation service in Doral is also available at Lingua’s other locations in the state of Florida, and seamlessly covers key topics such as:

-Translations on immigration.

-Translations for cuts.

-Translations for academic documents.

-Apostille service.

Features of Lingua Language Center translations

In addition to following international standards for the translation of legal documents, such as what to do in case of spelling or grammatical errors, Lingua focuses on total quality.

Not for nothing has the institution translated thousands of documents for more than two decades in multiple languages and areas of knowledge, and it continues to receive clients on a daily basis.

Contact Lingua and ask for our certified translator service so that you can start counting on first class professionals.