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Congratulations for looking for English classes for busy adults! It’s all too easy to forget about our training once we’ve grown up and become busy with all the commitments life throws at us. But, it’s important to remember that stagnancy can be detrimental to our professional lives.

Taking English classes for busy adults is the perfect way to ensure that you have the opportunity to keep developing your skills and expanding your knowledge.

It doesn’t have to be hard work, either – research has shown that learning a language can be fun if done in the right environment, and an experienced instructor can provide guidance. With English classes for busy adults, you have the flexibility to fit learning around your schedule and work towards your personal goals.

Whether you’re looking to build up your confidence in speaking or need help with pronunciation and grammar, finding the right course could make a big difference.

You will also benefit from being able to learn with other like-minded professionals who are also taking English classes for busy adults.

Working together on tasks and projects provides a great opportunity for collaboration, as well as providing invaluable feedback on how well you are doing. Plus, having a support network of fellow students is extremely valuable when it comes to staying motivated and on track with your learning journey.

And when we write adults, we mean busy adults. People focused on their work development, family, or well-defined causes that leave no time for speculation.

And are there really English courses for busy adults? Of course! you can find them at Lingua Language Center!

In our school, we have been able to offer English classes for adults for more than 20 years because we understand the time constraints of each person and we try to adapt in every possible way.

This adaptation involves the creation of different teaching modalities and the use of technology as a great ally.

English classes for busy adults

At Lingua Language Center, we know that not all adults work or rest at the same time, so we offer different options

Part-time English classes for busy adults

If you are studying or working part-time, this English program will be useful for you, since you can take it in the morning or in the afternoon, depending on the free time you have.

Semi-customized English classes for busy adults

The advantage of these classes is that there is always someone whose schedule is similar to yours. So you will be able to receive this course with up to two additional people online together with you and the teacher.

Personalized English classes for busy adults

Senior executives or extremely busy professionals are the most suitable students for these courses. These are direct encounters with a teacher absolutely focused on a single student for the entire class.

This is one of the fastest and most effective methods for learning English because the teacher focuses on improving the student’s pronunciation, diction, vocabulary, and grammatical structures.

In addition, at Lingua Language Center we can adapt to the most demanding schedules in order to offer you options and solutions in all cases.

What does science say about adults studying English?

The magic of studying English as an adult begins in the brain: learning a new language in middle age delays aging, produces neurogenesis, and accelerates communication between neurons, as well as neuroplasticity.

This means that, as a first benefit, senile dementia becomes less likely among those who study English as adults.

But can an adult really learn another language? Although the best point of the learning curve is between childhood and adolescence, the reality is that all the studies developed in recent years and published in countless scientific journals have shown that adults can also learn to speak new languages, even at very high levels.

This is due to the ability of adults to concentrate compared to the multiple distractions that can affect a child or adolescent.

So there is not a single valid excuse, because there is nothing to lose for an adult who decides to learn a language. On the contrary: it has much to gain.

Write to us right away! Our consultants are ready to give you all the information you need and find the schedule that best suits you.