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In order to find high-quality international language services, three key aspects must be taken into account: track record, certification, and specialization.

The track record has to do with the company’s time in the market and the reputation it has achieved. It will not be the same to translate documents with a freelancer with little experience, than with a company that can cover all the needs of the work to be done, such as speed, perfection, design, editing, and layout…

Another aspect is certification. Translators must be certified by the country in which they operate in order for their work to be legal, especially for official documents.

Then there is specialization. Suppose you have to translate a financial text full of economic terms. Can any translator cope with it? No. The same situation would apply to a scientific or technological text. Under no pretext can you trust someone who does not know your field in depth.

And what is the solution? Where do you get international language services that exceed these three aspects?

You can actually get all of that by searching for the top language companies in your city or state, and verifying that they meet the requirements. But many times advertising will exaggerate everything and it is normal to get confused.

International Language Services at Lingua Language Center

The international language services we offer in Lingua Language Center have the three requirements that we listed at the beginning of this article: trajectory, we started doing translations and interpretations more than 20 years ago; certification because it is the U.S. government itself that endorses our work in every aspect; and specialization because we have linguists who are experts in different areas.


Since we started translating texts and providing interpreters for all kinds of situations in 1998, public institutions and companies from all fields have hired our international language services.

This has allowed us to gain expertise in all areas and prepare for different situations in aspects that other companies have not even considered: for example, we have all the technology that interpreters need to perform the different forms of their work: microphones, booths, headphones, the ability to interconnect international calls, etc…

And when it comes to translating texts, we can also lay out them, edit them, proofread them and even get the design right every time. In other words, we go beyond the simple fact of translating words from one language to another, and we adapt to the client’s needs.


At Lingua Language Center we have all the certifications required by the U.S. government to approve our work as interpreters and translators.

Likewise, the professionals that are part of our staff have all the corresponding guarantees so that their translations are considered correct before any authority.

Without these certifications, translations have no legality. At Lingua we have them all.


Over the last two decades, our professionals have specialized. That is why we have experts in translating and interpreting financial, medical, scientific, technological, or literary situations.

With Lingua, you will never have someone with you who doesn’t know your market, your business, and your area of expertise.

This allows correct and error-free work at all times, as well as the correct use of jargon and terms of any environment.

How to hire our international language services?

The first thing you should know is that we are in five of the main cities in South Florida, in the United States. But we also have a global network of translators and interpreters who can take on any linguistic challenge.

To hire us, you only have to write us through the methods that appear on our website, and explain the characteristics of your case. We will provide you with a real expert, both in the languages to be covered and in the subject matter.