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Learning English fast in Miami can be a very difficult challenge if you live surrounded by people who only speak Spanish all the time. But it is possible, whatever your circumstances, if you have discipline and an efficient method.

According to the latest census, 70.2% of Miami residents are from the Caribbean or Latin America, and more than 65% speak Spanish as their primary language at home.

Those numbers do not seem encouraging in the task of learning English fast in Miami. However, according to a study promoted by the Swiss Federal Council for the development of the Common Framework of Reference for Languages, in most cases it takes 1,000 hours for a person to master another language at an advanced level.

This means that a person who studies English three hours a day, every day for a year, will have learned the language if he or she has the right methodology.

How to learn English in Miami?

That said, you don’t even have to be in a native environment to learn English in a year: you just have to study it rigorously for three hours a day. In any case, Miami is a city where everything is in English, even though Latinos communicate in Spanish.

That means that, even if you live in a Spanish-speaking environment, in Miami you will have great opportunities in everyday life to practice your English. But if you really want to learn English quickly, follow these tips…

  1. Enroll in an English course. You must. You need to understand the grammar and practice pronunciation so that your brain knows the correct way to function in English. Without academic training, you may be able to communicate, but you will hardly be able to take advantage of all the economic and employment benefits that English can mean for you in the United States.
  1. Watch movies in English with English subtitles. This is something we have much more access to than ever before thanks to movies and series on subscription-based platforms. Take advantage of it to see how everything they pronounce in the actors is spelled, and stop playback and Google it whenever you have a question.
  1. Find a book you like and read it. They say that the best option is to read in English a book that you have already read in your native language. If you do that, you will be familiar with the story, and you will be able to move through the book without needing to have a high level of English. In other words, you will only have the option to improve.
  1. Listen to music in English. Now with platforms like YouTube, you can do the same as with movies and series: listen to the songs while reading the lyrics. Once you know a song in English, or at least most of it, you will be able to sing it in karaoke mode, and at that point you will feel good about the language.
  1. Frequent places where only English is spoken. Go to Libraries to look for that book in point three. Try to communicate with people on the street in English. Miami is a wonderful city to converse with strangers because the Latin spirit is felt even among Anglo-Saxons.
  1. Do guided activities. Museums, walks through natural destinations such as the Everglades and even guided tours of Downtown Miami and urban attractions… Everything serves to practice the language through culture.

And where to learn English fast in Miami?

As we said, learning a language at an advanced level requires about 1,000 hours of study, and taking it to the extreme, you would have to practice three hours a day every day of the year, including Saturdays and Sundays.

However, learning a language does not imply being able to speak it at an advanced level. So in a few months you can get to speak it in an acceptable way with discipline and determination. Of course: the processes will be much more effective if you do it with Lingua Language Center.

Our school is staffed by teachers who are professional linguists. They follow to the letter our own patented methodology, which mixes practice with entertainment to achieve a faster and more agile learning process.

That’s why our English programs consist of several weeks to give you a solid foundation in the language in a short period of time.Contact us today and we’ll give you all the information you need to learn English in Florida.

You may be in another country and want to come to study as a non-immigrant alien, or you may already live in Florida. In any case, you can count on all our human, technological and pedagogical tools.