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Learning Portuguese in Florida may seem like a difficult goal when you consider that the two main languages spoken in the region are English and Spanish. However, it is possible.

In fact, thanks to the work we have been doing at Lingua Language Center, it is very possible to learn Portuguese in Florida.

At Lingua Language Center, we specialize in teaching the main modern languages, and we do it under a particularly special methodology that combines useful practices with fun.

In the case of Portuguese, we have native teachers who facilitate the acquisition of vocabulary from either English or Spanish.

Why learn Portuguese in Florida?

The main reason to learn Portuguese in Florida is the door opened to students in Brazil, which for marketers, economists, and experts in other disciplines who have penetrated its borders, is more than a country, it is an entire world.

Then there is the possibility of delving into the cultural richness of Portugal, one of the most attractive and picturesque countries in Western Europe, which is actively involved in multiple industries.

On the other hand, those who learn Portuguese will have more opportunities to enter new markets, such as those of the Portuguese-speaking countries on the West African coast, where there are endless opportunities for professionals in the fossil energy sector.

In addition, there has been a significant increase in migration from Brazil to the United States, mainly to Florida. In other words, in the Everglades state itself, you can find more people with whom to practice and learn about the culture surrounding this Romance language.

If you want to learn Portuguese in Florida, you should know that:

Portuguese is one of the so-called Romance Languages, that is, closely related languages that evolved directly from Latin in a process that began in the second century AD.

Spanish is the most widely used Romance language in the world with some 677 million speakers, followed by French with 274 million, and Portuguese in third place with a total of 260 million speakers.

As a result, Portuguese has more active speakers than Italian – another Romance language – at present, which is spoken by 85 million people.

The fact that Portuguese is one of the 49 known Romance languages makes it particularly easy for speakers of these languages to learn.

So if you are a native Spanish speaker, for example, it won’t be too hard for you to learn Portuguese. In fact, a study by www.poliglota.org estimates that a person who studies two hours a day for a year can reach a sufficient level of Portuguese to study and work, i.e., a B2 level.

Learn Portuguese in Florida with Lingua Language Center

At our language school, we offer Portuguese classes in 36-hour courses over six weeks.

We do it from our offices in Doral and Orlando, or online through our exclusive platform.

Stop thinking about how great it would be for you to learn Portuguese in Florida, and write to us! Today is a great day to take the first step.