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If you are looking for where to study English in Florida, you should know that you have made the right choice because of all the opportunities the Everglades State has to offer.

Florida not only has language schools of enormous international reputation but also offers all the great advantages of studying English in the United States: total immersion in the language of Shakespeare, the interconnection between cities, and multiple cultural experiences.

But if we talk specifically about schools to study English in Florida, Lingua Language Center stands out in the state, as one of the most respected institutions in everything related to language teaching and translation and interpretation services.

We are experts in transmitting knowledge of English and the main modern languages because we have our own method that facilitates the whole teaching process and pleases our students to such an extent that the lessons become unforgettable.

Of course, this pedagogical formula applies to all levels: it is the same one we use for people to have first contact with English, and for advanced-level students who want to improve, for example, their grammar or pronunciation.

But we also go much further: among the English programs we offer at Lingua Language Center, we also offer specialized classes for different types of professionals, as well as preparation for international exams such as TOEFL and IELTS.

Tips for deciding where to study English in Florida

There is a reality that does not cease to cause doubts among those seeking to study English in Florida, and that is that 47.5% of the state’s population is of Hispanic origin, and a large number of them communicate daily in Spanish.

This could be a distracting element if corrections are not made in time. For example, English language learners who want to learn the language quickly should focus on following their academic process rigorously and seek to interact with English speakers to accelerate the adaptation of their minds to the language.

In any case, the good news is that Florida has such a wide cultural offer that it will not be difficult to find activities in English.

But beyond those options, the most important thing for a student coming to the United States for the purpose of learning English is to enroll in a course that includes an immersion program.

We recommend this because of the large number of hours of English classes per week included in this program, and because of the activities already scheduled in its agenda.

So there will be no need to look for what to do to have more contact with the language because Lingua Language Center already has everything perfectly scheduled.

On the other hand, the English programs for students residing in other countries that we offer include all the necessary advice regarding visas and permanence, as well as accommodation and living expenses.

Write to us! With us, you can study English in Florida without any inconvenience and with total quality.