The wide variety of options for taking English classes in Orlando can make people confused and they often end up opting for courses that will not meet their expectations.

This is one of the negative consequences of the information age. According to author Alvin Toffler, the time will come when we will be subjected to so much data that we will not be able to find real quality information about what we are looking for. That time has come and what is happening with something as particular as “English classes in Orlando” is just a small sample of the problem.

Fortunately, institutions that offer English courses at a good level are also competing from the search engines to offer students quality language training options.

Such is the case of Lingua Language Centera language school that started in South Florida before the arrival of the digital era, and has been able to adapt to the changes by incorporating not only information technology into its methods, but also the latest advances in neuroscience applied to education.

Why take English classes in Orlando with Lingua?

Lingua Language Center is one of the language schools with the best reputation and track record in the United States, and one of the most requested by foreign students because it always offers plans tailored to their English level, needs and aspirations.

Lingua’s English classes in Orlando are varied: they range from an intensive 18-hour program and a semi-intensive 16-hour program, to part-time courses for those who are working or doing other activities.

In Orlando there is also Lingua’s All-Inclusive English Package.This is one of the most attractive for Latin American students and students from other regions because it allows them to spend time in the United States in the best style of the universities that the world has come to know through series and movies, and with the peace of mind of lodging, food, excursions, transportation and medical insurance.

Another of Lingua Language Center’s top English classes in Orlando is one that allows for accent reduction and language improvement through constant conversations under the tutelage of professional linguists.

But our school always goes beyond that and also prepares students for exams such as the TOEFL, or to master the English that is spoken in different careers such as Law, Medicine or even Literature.

If you are looking for an English school in Orlando, don’t hesitate… Write us right now to send you all the information you need about our courses.