Are you looking for an institute where you can take English classes in Orlando? Lingua Language Center has several locations in major cities throughout the state of Florida.

We are based in Fort Lauderdale, Doral, Weston, Coconut Creek, and Orlando. Whichever destination you choose, we assure you that you will learn to speak English fluently, as we use the effective Enter-Training methodology.

Studying English at our institute is a different experience, with which you will have to carry out theatrical performances, dialogues, oral exercises, and group work.

In addition, we provide you with technological tools that will strengthen your learning, such as Internet, virtual library, applications, games, audio, and videos.

The testimonials of those who have been trained at Lingua Language Center confirm the excellence of the institution. Many students report that they have had a rewarding experience that has led them to meet new people and consolidate friendships from all over the world.

Get the most out of your vacation, take English classes in Orlando

If you are going on vacation to Orlando, but you also want to do something productive, a good idea is to take an English course.

If you decide to take English classes in Orlando or anywhere in the United States for a short period of time, you do not need an F1 visa, you just need to choose a study program that matches your time in the United States.

Believe it or not, learning English on vacation is a great way to spend your free time. You have the opportunity to make friends from all over the world while learning a language that will open many professional doors.

At Lingua Language Center we have an attractive language program in Orlando that is perfectly adapted to your requirements. You can study while enjoying the city’s spectacular scenery, amusement parks, landmarks, and cuisine.

tomar clases de ingles en Orlando

Choose the option that suits you best

Even if you have no English at all, you can opt for our programs that combine four language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

You can take a three-month intensive course consisting of eight 12-week modules in which you will receive 18 hours of class per week. You also have the option of a semi-intensive course of 16 hours per week or a part-time intensive course.

In addition, we have weekly English programs and part-time intensive courses. Best of all, our prices are totally affordable.

No matter which option you choose for English classes in Orlando, it will be positive and enriching for your life. We assure you that you will learn the language and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

English classes in Orlando will significantly change your life

When you take our English classes in Orlando, or at any of our locations, you will notice how your life will change for the better.

Proficiency in English will expand your employment opportunities, allow you to interact fluently with people from other cultures, and allow you to travel to English-speaking countries without relying on a translator.

In short, there are countless reasons to learn how to speak English, so the right decision is in your hands. When you take it, remember that Lingua Language Center’s doors are open to you and to people from all over the world.