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Taking English writing classes is important because it opens the door to multiple opportunities even beyond writing-related careers.

Anyone who can read English is guaranteed job options. But those who manage to write correctly will be able to choose among the best job options in many contexts.

Writing well in English is not a skill required only by journalists, marketers, or lawyers. Any professional who achieves impeccable writing will stand out today.

That is because we are in the information age. Today, knowing how to communicate persuasively, elegantly, and attractively can be even more important than having a huge capital or an extensive resume.

And this importance is multiplied if the person knows how to write in English, which is currently the most used language as a bridge between cultures, as well as the preferred language for doing business or disseminating any kind of knowledge.

And how can a non-native speaker learn to write correctly in English? The simple answer is “reading”, reading a lot, reading more literature than newspapers, devouring all the books that you find in your path until you get to know the vocabulary of each one, and never stop reading…

But that answer is not entirely correct if it is not accompanied by practice. There are cases of people who have read a great deal in a language, and who really enjoy literature, who are unable to write clearly. Why is that? Simple: lack of practice.

To write correctly you have to practice, be corrected by someone, try again, and persist until you achieve a refined technique and a lively and attractive style.

Where to take English writing classes

That said, only those who read a lot manage to write with personality and true mastery of the language. Those who do not read can hardly write with difficulty, and those who read only commercial books usually do not achieve a sincere style.

So correct writing in a language is only achieved with more writing and a lot of reading. That said, we will now tell you where to take English writing classes.

Where to take English writing classes

Although the answer is quite obvious because you’re reading Lingua Language Center’s blog, let’s take it one step at a time…

In our language school, we have two English programs that teach our students how to write correctly: one has to do with Grammar, and the other with Literature and Composition.

As you can imagine, the former is more basic than the latter. Grammar is the basis for being able to write with style. However, not everyone needs to write like a novelist; in fact, most professionals only require the ability to not make grammatical and spelling mistakes when presenting a text to their boss – for example.

Advanced Grammar Skills

The Advanced Grammar Skills English program is made for all types of professionals.

Typos are ruthlessly censored in almost all business contexts, and no one will make an exception when considering that you are not a native English speaker.

People do not tolerate mistakes in any language, and those who make them are highly criticized.

This course takes away those mistakes. You learn to structure sentences correctly even in the least common verb tenses, you manage to create always correct gender and number agreement, and you stop hesitating when writing anything.

It’s so bad to write with mistakes, that a study by Canadian dating app Plenty Of Fish showed that 7 out of 10 young professionals avoid having sex with people with grammatical or spelling errors.

Likewise, another study, this time by the BBC in London, showed that Internet ads with some kind of spelling or grammatical error sell between 50% and 90% less than those that are well-written.

Knowing these facts, why not sign up for our Advanced Grammar Skills program? The only thing you can lose is your mistakes.

Literature and Composition

But what if someone wants to go further in their journey to write correctly in English? What happens when “correctly” is not enough?

For those cases, there is our English Literature and Composition course, an ideal program for journalists, professional editors, publicists, and writers; in other words: for professionals who depend 100% on their writing and who are aware of the high level of competition that exists.

Whatever your interest in writing in English, with these courses you can take a quantum leap towards achieving it. Write to us today to take the first step towards achieving this goal.