Since anyone can now take a text in any language and paste it into Google Translator to get a translation, you may wonder why you need a certified translator.

The first answer has to do with quality. No matter how much you edit the text produced by an algorithm, you will not be able to compare it with the work of a human professional who interprets each line and adapts it to the current language and terminology of the subject matter.

In this sense, at Lingua Language Center, we have professional translators who not only master both languages to perfection but are also specialized in each subject.

So, if you need a scientific text translated, we will send you a specialist in the field who will not be the same person who would work with you if the text had to do with the business world. We have specialists.

The second answer to the question of why you need a certified translator is just as key: because important documents need legal backing to “swear” that the translation is correct. That is why they are also called sworn translations.

Translators working in a country’s jurisdiction must be certified by the authorities to practice their profession so that if an official receives a document, he or she can trust the translator’s word.

Examples of cases that merit a certified translator

  • When a French company opens a branch in the United States and must submit its documentation.
  • When qualifications must be revalidated in another country and require translation.
  • When nationality procedures are carried out and the birth certificate is in another language.

Why seek a certified translator at Lingua?

The linguists working at our school are certified by the U.S. authorities.

We have been doing this for a long time: we have been doing professional translations and interpreting since the late 1990s and we are always looking for new alternatives to maintain the highest standards.

At Lingua, we can provide translations in any of the major world languages because we are certified by the U.S. government in all of them.

Furthermore, if you have a translation done at our institute, you will have a guarantee of confidentiality that is not so easy to obtain when there is not a very high reputation to maintain.

At Lingua Language Center, we also self-edit our texts to achieve the excellence that characterizes us.