We currently live in a very demanding world, facing multiple changes in the work field. Learning a foreing language can get us to expand and contribute to the competitive professional system. At Lingua Language Center, we offer Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and Mandarin courses at our three locations Fort Lauderdale, Weston and Coconut Creek; at convenient times and affordable prices. Learning a new language will widen your abilities and opportunities either if you are applying for a new job, seeking a new position or expanding your own business. Here are some important and fun facts about learning a foreign language:

Learn a new language now at Lingua Language Center

  • Expands your knowledge on other cultures and language expressions
  • 80% of the US jobs are given to professionals who speak more than one language
  • Increases your eligibility for government, science and technology job positions
  • Improves the knowledge of your native language
  • Creativity and other brain functions are highly stimulated when you learn a new language
  • Improves your grades and skills in the state tests
  • Promotes respect and admiration towards other cultures
  • Increases your social skills, making you someone that most people want to be around with
  • Develops your critical analysis skills, as the brain is open to new ideas and concepts
  • Makes any job or duty more valuable

There are definitely great reasons to acquire another language, considering this is something that nobody will be able to take away from you. Therefore, learning a foreign language is a permanent asset for anyone. Lingua Language Center provides you all the tools for you to able to make this investment; by combining quality teaching, flexible schedule and affordable prices. Being able to learn another language will open you many doors, do not hesitate to register and add skills to your resume.