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If you have trouble understanding your doctor’s instructions in Florida, United States, because they are given in English and you speak another language, then you need the services of medical interpreters.

Medical interpreters, also known as healthcare interpreters, are professionals who act as mediators between patients and physicians when patients speak different languages.

The medical interpreter must know the medical terminology and be able to convey it correctly. In addition, contextualized translation goes beyond words to also understand the emotional impact that a medical situation can have on a person’s life.

It is important to have a medical interpreter, especially if you are in a foreign country where your language is not spoken. In the United States, for example, there are many non-English speaking Latinos in need of medical care.

Without a medical interpreter, communication between the physician and patient can be difficult, which can lead to misunderstandings and misdiagnosis.

Instead, a medical interpreter can help ensure that the patient receives proper medical care and that errors are minimized.

Of course, this type of interpreters must have certain qualities to be able to translate and interpret the doctors’ indications correctly. Some of these qualities include:

  1. Knowledge of medical terminology: A medical interpreter must be familiar with medical terminology in order to convey it correctly. Must know medical terms in both languages and be able to explain them clearly and accurately.
  2. Ability to translate in real time: A medical interpreter must be able to translate in real time to ensure smooth communication between doctor and patient. Must be able to listen and speak at the same time and convey the message clearly and accurately.
  3. Cultural awareness: A medical interpreter must be familiar with the patient’s and physician’s culture in order to convey the message effectively. Must be able to understand cultural differences and explain them clearly and accurately.
  4. Ability to maintain confidentiality: A medical interpreter must be able to maintain the confidentiality of the patient’s medical information. You must be able to convey the information without revealing unnecessary details.
  5. Ability to handle difficult situations: A medical interpreter must be able to handle difficult situations, such as communicating bad news or discussing sensitive issues. You must be able to convey the message clearly and accurately without causing further stress to the patient.

Where to get medical interpreters in Florida

Lingua Language Center is a language academy that offers interpreting services in various areas, including the medical field, thanks to the services of interpreters and translators who are specialized and highly qualified linguists.

Our academy offers these services both in the state of Florida, USA, and internationally through our online platform.

The linguists who work with us are willing to attend to the needs of our clients, understanding that, in many cases, they are going through complicated health situations that require patience and willingness.

Write to us today to start having a trusted medical interpreter explain, in your own language, everything you need to know – according to your doctor’s instructions – to restore your health.