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Medical Spanish Classes

Medical Spanish Classes at Lingua Language Center: Bridging Language Barriers in Healthcare

Introduction to Medical Spanish Course

Lingua Language Center proudly introduces its Medical Spanish Classes, meticulously crafted for healthcare professionals and students. This course is a vital resource for non-Spanish speaking individuals in the medical field, aiming to enhance their proficiency in Spanish medical terminology and patient communication.

Medical Spanish

Medical Spanish Course Overview

Duration: 36 hours over 6 weeks  

Format: Online  

Schedule: Monday through Thursday | 6:00 – 8:40 pm (Classes 2 days per week, schedule varies)

      Medical Spanish Course Structure and Content

      • Week 1-2: Basic Spanish for Healthcare – Greetings, patient intake, and common expressions.
      • Week 3-4: Intermediate Medical Terminology – Discussing symptoms, medical history, and basic diagnostics.
      • Week 5-6: Advanced Communication – Explaining treatments, procedures, and handling complex medical discussions.

      Why Enroll in Our Medical Spanish Course?

      Streamlined Curriculum

      The Part-Time English course is a 12-hour per week program focusing on essential /core English skills. This course is designed for those who want to grasp the essentials of English language acquisition without the obligations of an intensive course.

      Effective Patient Communication

      Learn to communicate more effectively with Spanish-speaking patients, ensuring better patient care and understanding.

      Cultural Competence

      Gain insights into the cultural nuances that influence healthcare in Spanish-speaking communities.

      Expert Instructors

      Benefit from experienced educators who understand the challenges of language barriers in healthcare.

      Medical Spanish Course Highlights

      Tailored Curriculum for Healthcare Professionals

      Our course content is specifically designed to meet the needs of those in the medical field.

      Practical Application

      Engage in role-plays, case studies, and simulations to practice medical Spanish in real-life scenarios.

      Comprehensive Learning Experience

      Covering everything from basic greetings to discussing symptoms and explaining treatments in Spanish.

      Online Flexibility

      Learn at your own pace and convenience, fitting the course around your busy professional schedule.

      Your Journey to Medical Fluency in Spanish

      Targeted Learning

      Every lesson is focused on medical contexts, ensuring that your learning is relevant and immediately applicable.

      Enhanced Patient Care

      Improve your ability to serve Spanish-speaking patients with empathy and understanding.

      Professional Development

      Stand out in the healthcare field with your ability to communicate across language barriers.

      Medical Spanish Classes at Lingua Language Center

      Medical Spanish Classes Schedule

      Improve your knowledge of Spanish medical terminology



      Rotation: Monday through Thursday | 6:00 – 8:40 pm. Classes 2 days per week (schedule varies)

      36-hour course / 6 weeks


      Empower Your Medical Practice with Spanish Proficiency

      Our Medical Spanish course is more than a language class; it’s an essential tool for healthcare providers in an increasingly diverse world. Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, or medical student, this course will equip you with the skills to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking patients and colleagues.

      Join us at Lingua Language Center and elevate your medical practice with our Medical Spanish Classes. Enhance your professional capabilities, improve patient satisfaction, and bridge the language gap in healthcare.

      Enroll now and take a significant step towards comprehensive and inclusive patient care!


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